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Memory Leak !?


Hi ! Thanks for this amazing product... I'm on Enterprise 64 (Vista), and use XPStoOneNote every days... Only one concern, or question... It's sure, I'm transfering some heavy PDF (several images... well damn medicine students ppt !). The XPS is about 200mb and the XPS printer process is fine... The problem is with XPStoOneNote... it takes several minutes and completly freeze-up the computer... When I go to Task Manager, I see that XPStoOneNote is peaking up to my 8gb of RAM... !!! Damn !!!! Oh... and the computer is completly freeze up during transfert process...
Is anyone got this situation too !? Is anybody has solution !? :(
Thanks !!!
P.S. Is there any ways to do suggestion on user interface !? (or dooing it my self : i.e. "keeping last onenote book used" : its avoiding to browse the whole list everytime, and maybee tree organisation for the list of OneNote books is the list destination).